Accelerate Your Game With Us Today.

Monthly Pricing. No hidden fees. Value Included.

What you get with your purchase:

- DDR4 2666 ECC Memory
- Ryzen 3000 & 5000 series processors
- Replicated NVME storage
- Simplified WebDAV access point to view all servers at once
- DDOS Protection
- Disk Snapshotting and Restoration (up to 7 per customer)

All servers are routed through our public IP proxy. Bungee servers receive their own public IPv4 address. Bungee servers live on our edge routers for ultra-fast latency. VPS servers receive their own public IPv4 address. Note: VPS servers begin with Debian 10 running the Cockpit Dashboard. Please reach out to us if you would like an alternative OS.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is currently in it's final stages before Q3. As such, new orders are expected to take up to 48h until July 17th.

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MineCraft Plans

Plans RAM Storage Server Quota Bungee Quota Price Buy
Hut 2 GB 10GB 1 0 5.00
Village 4 GB 20GB 2 1 10.00
Town 6 GB 30GB 4 1 15.00
City 8 GB 50GB 4 1 20.00
Region 12 GB 75GB 4 2 30.00
Country 16 GB 100GB 6 3 40.00

VPS Plans

Plans RAM Storage Processor Thread Count Price Buy
Overworld 4 GB 50GB 1 1 25.00
Nether 8 GB 100GB 1 2 50.00
End 12 GB 200GB 2 4 90.00

*An individual Minecraft server's maximum RAM is limited to our availible node's capacity, which is currently 60GB.

*A Minecraft namespace’s storage and RAM is shared with other components, such as any SSH or Bungee services.

*Backups are stored separately and are not counted towards your quota!