Minecraft Server Hosting

Speed. Power. No overhead. Economy pricing.

Minecraft Server Hosting is all about learning to and starting to run and manage your own server. Use the raw power of the server without any bulky services and discover a speed like you've never experienced.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Like who in the world charges for this? Remember that one hosting company that charged 5$ per GB? Not here. Not ever.

Security & DDOS Protection

The latest and greatest backend security built on a data center that can withstand the largest Layer 3-4 attacks.

60 Day Backups

Rest assured. Your data is safe. Your plan comes with incremental backups of your entire server folder. Roll back to recover the server for old time's sake.

All the Access

You are granted full SFTP, SSH and RCON access to your server. No limits to your access, no "Minecraft only" access. The entire server is yours to do with what you will.


Class 1. Perfect for small vanilla servers or light Modpacks. 1-3 GB of DDR 4 RAM with SoftRaid and an Intel Xeon-D to boot. 


Class 2. NVMe SSDs included. Plans start at 2GB and reach up to 6GB. Higher single core processing power than it's predecessor.


Class 3. For multiverse servers and networks alike. Support the heaviest modded servers with the best deployment. Up to an entire dedicated server with 64GB of RAM and 8 Turbo Cores at your disposal. 

  1. You purchase a server.  - We use PayPal for all our services. Securely provide payment to one of the most trusted payment gateways on the net. Rest assured, if you ever feel like you aren't getting what you paid for, you have complete control over where your funds go.
  2. We set everything up. - Your gaming community or friend group is no good until it's online. That's why we take measures to make sure that you're up and running before you start at no extra charge to you. 
  3. You take the wheel. - You gain full access to your server. Including access to SFTP, SSH, and RCON. Want a shared database? PostgreSQL? Redis? MySQL? Easy. Included. Fast. Secure.

What are you waiting for?

Accelerate your game with us today.