Minecraft Server Hosting

Speed. Power. No overhead. Economy pricing.

Minecraft Server Hosting lets you experience the raw power of hardware without any bulky features getting in the way. Login with your command line and you'll experience speeds you never imagined.


We strive to be the best Minecraft server host. Here are some of the features you'll have with us. Some of which, with no other host. That being said, we look forward to providing you an awesome experience.

Unlimited Bandwidth

We don't charge extra for any of the 1000MB/s Down or 250MB/s up we allocate to you and your Minecraft server.

Secure Auth

We hook your console access directly into our OCID login system. You can say goodbye to brute force account hacks.

DDOS Protection

Our network provider can withstand attacks up to 4TB/s and quickly identify real Minecraft traffic from fake traffic.

60 Day Backups

We use an incremental backup system that allows you to restore from any Minecraft save point made up to 60 days in the past.


We prepare your server within 24 hours so you're ready to deploy your minecraft server of any type (including custom jars)!

Community Support

Our discord community and staff are happy to assist you in any troubles you experience when working on your Minecraft server.

Competitive Pricing

Each plan is priced using a special formula rather than just Per GB. This means you'll get your money's worth for your Minecraft server. All plans run on I7700ks that clock up to 3.8GHz, run ECC DDR4 memory that clocks at to 2133MHz. Storage is backed by our erasure coded storage cluster. We proudly showcase our hardware specs loud and proud to our potential customers...unlike other Minecraft hosts.


Minecraft Servers that want to just run plain vanilla packs, SpongeVanilla, Spigot or Bukkit servers are able to be handled with 1-3GB.


We recommend at least 4 GB of memory for major Minecraft Modpacks on Curse.


Minecraft communities run by Youtubers and Enterpernewers can enjoy the benefits of handling +200 players on our higher-end plans. We offer plans that scale up to 32 GB of memory. In which 4 cores would be dedicated solely to your server.


We automatically detect and restart your Minecraft server upon stalls or crashes. Say goodbye to managing complicated shell scripts.

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