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Welcome to the Minecraft Server Hosting platform.

This is a project made for server administrators.

Commands: home, about, usage, signin, plans, purchase, help.

Type 'help' + Enter -- for a detailed explination of commands.


This is a Minecraft Hosting Platform built by Samuel Walker that sits on top of Google Cloud. The hosting platform is meant to be minimal and optimal in order to offer the best pricing out of a world-class data center.


You are provided 3 items upon purchase. A dedicated IP, FTP Credentials, and RCON credentials. Your interface is your programs for your choice given the respective credentials and this site. You log in and command your server or servers from here. At this time, the site's construction is still in progress. There is no dashboard/sign in/automated server startups.


All plans come with FTP, an IP/Port, RCON credentials, and Premium Tier networking. There are two types of plans. Preemptable and Alive.

Preemptable - Servers auto restarts every 24 hours. At random times, the server may not be available to start. At random times, the server may shut down before the 24-hour restart.

By order of:
Plan, RAM, CPU, and Price per month.

Alive - Servers, to the best of their ability, are always online and are not subject to shutdowns or restarts.

By order of:
Plan, RAM, CPU, and Price

All plans recieve discounds based on their length. Quarterly - 3%, Semiannually - 4%, Annually - 5%


As this site is still under construction, please email all purchases requests to [email protected] with the following information:

  1. Name
  2. Email
  3. Plan (Example: P Tier 1)
  4. Type (Example: Vannila, FeedTheBeast, Lapitos)
  5. Term Length (Either Monthly, Quarterly, Semiannually, or Annually)
  6. Server.zip Link/Attachment (This is only for custom packs servers)

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Type 'help' + Enter -- for available commands.


Type [command] + Enter

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