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Monthly pricing and no hidden fees. Value included.

Included in all plans

  • NVMe Storage
  • DDR4 Memory timed at 2400 GHz
  • Intel I7-7700k Processor
  • 1000MB/s Down 250MB/s up Network Bandwidth
  • 1 MySQL Database
  • DDOS Protection
  • Root Shell Access
  • Console Access
  • 1 Direct Connect DNS Address

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Plan RAM Storage Price
MC-A 1GB 12GB $2.00
2GB 24GB $5.00
MC-C 3GB 36GB $7.00
MC-D 4GB 48GB $10.00
MC-E 6GB 64GB $15.00
MC-F 8GB 96GB $20.00
MC-G 10GB 120GB $24.00
MC-H 14GB 168GB $34.00
MC-I 18GB 216GB $44.00
MC-J 24GB 288GB $59.00


Each server comes with a unique internal IP address. Meaning, you can connect your own or other's Minecraft servers into one giant network with ultra-fast latency.