Simple Pricing.

Monthly pricing and no hidden fees. Value included.

Included in all plans

  • Erasure Coded Storage to prevent data loss
  • DDR4 ECC Memory timed at 2400 MHz
  • AMD Epyc 7451 processors (NA only)
  • 1000MB/s Down 250MB/s up Network Bandwidth
  • Any database of your choice
  • DDOS Protection

  • Console Access
  • 1 SSH file system for all services
  • Direct Connect DNS Addresses
  • 60 day S3 stored backups
  • Encrypted and highly optimized layer 2 based internal networks

Things to note:

A PayPal account is not required to complete your purchase. All major debit and credit cards are accepted!

Plan RAM Storage Server Quota Bungee Quota Order - NA Order - EU
Hut 2GB 10GB 1 0
4GB 25GB
2 1
Town 6GB 45GB 4 1
City 8GB 60GB 4 1
Metropolis 10GB 100GB 4 1
Sector 12GB 120GB 6 1
Region 16GB 150GB 8 2
Country 32GB 300GB 16 4
Continent 64GB 600GB 24 8
Planet 128GB 1.2TB
32 12
Solar System 256GB 2TB
64 16

An individual Minecraft server's maximum RAM is limited to our availible node's capacity, which is currently 60GB.

A Minecraft namespace's storage and RAM is shared with other components, such as any SSH or Bungee services.

Backups are stored separately and are not counted towards your quota!